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23 Gennaio 2012 | Archivio / Radio sonora

Radio sonora – Glocal band

Intervista a The Hotpills

A cura di Radio Sonora

23 gennaio 2012

Armed with juvenile vicious attitude, the wild Punk Rock and Roll Garage Trio, The Hotpills are going straight to your ears some crunchy musical notes hooked-up with an absurd garage drum sound.

Andy the Last Killers ex-lead singer best known as “The Jaguar” scratches and rides the stage once again with his new cool bandmates:

On Bass-Guitar Matt Mustang, a young and fresh rocker, hot and wild from T…he Marvellous. He knows who and what the Hotpills are … the guy rocks guaranteed!

On Drums … huhuhu Ladies and Gentlemen … no no wait a minute, Ladies … here is Mr. Luke War! What more could I say? He is the real power of the gang.

The Hotpills are coming on stage!

Upcoming nights, you will sleep with your Hotpills rifles; you will give your rifle a girl’s name because this is the only pussy you people are going to get!
FIRE FIRE FIRE … we will drive you ga ga, ya movin’ and groovin’ your pulse ain’t pumpin’!

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